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     The World of Glimpse

The Founder
Abhay Chordia
(Founder and CEO of Glimpse FZE.)

"I wanted to create something unique for the luxury industry."

Abhay Chordia is known for being a personage in the gemstones and jewelry industry, as well as the leader of a multinational gems and jewelry manufacturing company headquartered in Jaipur, India, with operations spread over four continents.

He has also won numerous awards on regional, national, and international platforms, including the “National Award in 2016” offered by Mr. Narendra Modi and the “Entrepreneur of the Year”, by the prestigious Jewelry World Awards, Hong Kong in 2019.  

He is a commerce & law graduate and a Harvard Business School Alumnus. 

Q & A with Mr. Abhay Chordia, Founder and CEO of Glimpse

Q: What inspired you to create Glimpse?

A: Having worked in the luxury industry for over 15 years, I always envisioned making luxury accessible to everyone. I truly believe it should not be restricted to the privileged few. I aim to bring joy and a sense of fulfillment to the life of every journeyer exploring the world of Glimpse.

Q: What does Glimpse represent?

A: Glimpse, is all about supporting women to enhance their extraordinary personalities, intrinsic power, and beauty.

Q: As a woman of today’s day and age, what can I expect from Glimpse? 

A: Whether it's lifestyle or life itself, nobody wants second-best. Everybody wants the top tiers, the biggest, the best! And Glimpse offers nothing less. 


What Our Community Has To Say


“People find themselves lucky to own a few luxury jewelry pieces once in a while, but Glimpse brings accessibility and affordability for all women living in UAE to have designer pieces, anytime, anywhere!”  

"Glimpse, as a company, offers everything a woman could want. From day-time jewelry to night-time jewelry, there is a variety of selections for every occasion."

Our community strengthens us to keep expanding our venture and growing toward enhancing the Glimpse experience for women in UAE.